Cyborg Octopus - "Learning To Breathe" AWE99926-2


"Learning To Breathe" - The debut full-lenght album by Cyborg Octopus. Release Date: 11/25/16

Includes a digital download of 2 live bonus tracks recorded by Zach Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA on 10.9.16

“Every year there’s this one progressive metal band that suddenly delivers this completely fresh sound and changes the perception of what the genre can do... CYBORG OCTOPUS are poised to do the same for 2016…” –

Track Listing:

1. Data_M1nefield (7:23)
2. Divine Right (In D Minor) (4:31)
3. Shark Pit (2:47)
4. Baptism Of Clay (Feat. Jonathan Neel of Parasitic Ejaculation) (4:49)
5. bitter. (Feat. TJ Vasquez of WRVTH) (4:53)
6. DiscoBrain! (3:53)
7. Epiphany (8:10)