Cyborg Octopus — "Learning To Breathe"

11.25.16 · Apewhale, LLC · AWE99926-2

"Prog metal never seems to be stronger than now, there's no denying the fantastic divergence within the genre that the metal scene has gifted us with. I love Dream Theater as much as any other prog head, but at the end of the day it's great to have groups like Cyborg Octopus around really going for it as far as having an impossible to categorize nature to their sound.

While far from a clone, Cyborg Octopus clearly take the prog direction of groups like Between The Buried And Me and Mr. Bungle to heart by matching and muddling together an endless combination of different genres and sounds in every song. Learning To Breathe is the prog metal album to beat so far this year in my estimation." — Metal Injection

Colosso — "Obnoxious"

12.2.16 · Apewhale, LLC · AWE99927-2

"You can’t really call your band Colosso if you play anything other than suffocatingly huge death metal. Or maybe sludgy doom metal… but that’s not the point. The point here is that Portugal’s Colosso do, in fact, play suffocatingly huge death metal with a subtle technical/experimental twist, and have been doing so for the past five years. After assembling the crushing Abrasive Peace (and its instrumental twin, Peaceful Abrasiveness) in 2012 and returning for a couple EPs in the last few years, the quintet now prepares to offer their second full-length, somewhat obnoxiously titled Obnoxious" — Decibel